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Rewarding Experiences

Participating in the MTN Business Digital Masterclass was really amazing. Being part of an initiative that really empowers small business owners with practical and useful information to help them achieve their goals using technology was such a rewarding experience.

Well done to MTN!

Watch the video here.


Sithakela Isizwe

Four times a week, I spend 3 hours behind the microphone and I interview 4 people per show (sometimes more). That’s 12 interviews per week, 48 interviews per month and 576 per year.

I wish I had a copy of every interview I’ve done, I really do. Every interview is a lesson and it’s also growth. I’m pretty sure that I don’t sound the same as I did when I started out in November 2004 and I’m quite sure that I don’t sound the same on Sithakela Isizwe as I did when we first started the show in April 2012.
But I do have some of the interviews. Take a listen.

Sithakela Isizwe noZakes Bantwini 
Here we experimented with something we had never done on the show previously; we hosted Zakes Bantwini with a live studio audience with a live performance to wrap up the show.

Sithakela Isizwe noDr Sandile Shabalala 
It’s part of my job to discuss somewhat sensitive topics. Dr Shabalala came through to spend time with us in studio, discussing men’s health.

Sithakela Isizwe: Ikhaya Lethu noRev Hawu Mbatha
One of the highlights of this year has been the opportunity to be in conversation with Reverend Hawu Mbatha on Ikhaya Lethu. The insights and the wisdom have given me many lessons and food for thought.
Being on this platform is an amazing experience. Every day, I have the opportunity to share people’s journeys with the Ukhozi FM audience and I get to learn something new (whilst having fun!) every day.

Jamie Lidell: Another Day

I read somewhere that looking at old photographs is a good way to remember good times and important occasions in our lives. We take pictures of special moments, milestones and times we want to look back on and smile. And so it makes sense that, especially on days when we need that little reminder about the good we have in our lives, we look at old photographs and relive those moments.

Facebook makes this easy for us by showing us these moments that we shared on Facebook on their anniversary. Today my Facebook memory from three years ago was of a song that I posted. It brings back good memories and it reminded me of how and why I chose and still choose to be where I am.