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For the love of music that makes you want to fall in love…


by Robin Thicke

All the things I’ve done before this

They don’t mean a thing
And all the words spoken before this
Won’t be said again
Suddenly so much of me has
No need to pretend
‘Cause there’s nothing like the truth
To bring her back to you
And everyone Ive met before this
Ain’t seen me with youAngel, angel, angel

Angel, my angel, my angel

You’re the only one who knows what I go through

Sometimes you even feel it more than me, baby
And I don’t know how I ever got by without you
There’s nothing like the truth
When you’ve got nothing left to lose
And every night I thank the universe that I found you

Angel, my angel, my angel

And I don’t have to wonder

What the world thinks about me
I know you’re in my corner
You’re always surrounding me
With your loveAnd if we all explode

See we would never know
But I just hope the pieces of my soul
Reach out to you, to find my angel

My angels, my angels

Angels, my angels

My angels

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