From the age of 24/25 I have kept a Gratitude Journal where I, in daily reflections, write the things that I am thankful for on that day. It calls me to actively look out for the silver lining in every situation, every single day. Even on the roughest of days, I have to (and I have learnt to) find something to be appreciative of. Finding a parking spot easily, making it on time for an appointment, having a good workout; all things to be grateful for. Some days there are many small things to be grateful for. On other days
Am I telling my story? My stories of navigating life; as a woman, as a mother, as a friend, as a partner, as a human being? The conversation I had with Barbara Strydom left me so deeply moved and so introspective about how I am owning the narrative of my life, how the people in my life know me and experience me through my story where every day, as I live and as I move, sentences and paragraphs are added, enriching my book of life. When I am no longer able to express myself, how will those in my life know
The Creative Couch was born on 27 April 2020 and boy WAS IT A BIRTH. We opened with Mbuso Khoza of the African Heritage Ensemble when we sat down to talk about how we capture history in this day and age. Now, Mbuso Khoza is an incredible font of knowledge and listening to him, you truly are baptised in new revelations and information on history, culture and music. I loved how he captured the storage of cultural knowledge as the freezing of moments in time and ascribing value to lived cultures. Towards the end of the interview he said something so poignant
Participating in the MTN Business Digital Masterclass was really amazing. Being part of an initiative that really empowers small business owners with practical and useful information to help them achieve their goals using technology was such a rewarding experience. Well done to MTN! Watch the video here.  
One of the many wonderful things about my work is how much I get to experience with different people. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, way before we go into studio to actually broadcast the show. Besides the research aspect of the preparation, some segments and inserts are pre recorded or sourced, edited and prepared for the show. Some of the content requires that we actually have to go out to various places to capture the content and at times participate in whatever story we are covering on the show. I came across an article on Mam’Myeni’s

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