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The Creative Couch

The Creative Couch was born on 27 April 2020 and boy WAS IT A BIRTH.

We opened with Mbuso Khoza of the African Heritage Ensemble when we sat down to talk about how we capture history in this day and age. Now, Mbuso Khoza is an incredible font of knowledge and listening to him, you truly are baptised in new revelations and information on history, culture and music. I loved how he captured the storage of cultural knowledge as the freezing of moments in time and ascribing value to lived cultures.

Towards the end of the interview he said something so poignant about how we gather knowledge from those who have lived the cultures we want to know more about; ‘uma uyofuna ulwazi awuyi njengomuntu owaziyo, uya njengomuntu oyokwethekela’. Now I took that into the daily living of our lives; how we should enter any space with a desire to learn and the mind a black slate.

One thing I learnt very early in my radio career was to enter an interview with no judgement whatsoever. Enter with no presumption or assumption regardless of who you are interviewing. I have been inside prisons with convicted murderers and crawled into their experiences, I’ve had interviews with CEOs, sat across internationally acclaimed musicians, moderated panels with national ministers, given talks to rural women and sat down with young girls from all walks of life. In every situation, I enter every interview with no preconceived notion of who the person is and what their story is because every time we sit down across a person, there is a lot that we do not know about their heart, their mind, their life experience. I’ve always termed it ‘entering with no judgement’ but in giving power to how little I know about the person or topic, relative to how much the guest knows, and therefore how much I stand to learn by opening my heart, mind and spirit; I enter all conversations ngiyokwethekela.

May we all greet each other with openness, non-judgement and a true desire to learn from each other.

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