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Lessons Learnt

Every day has a lesson in it and I have been consciously looking out for the lessons in my everyday life lately.

This is just some of what I have learnt:

  • A small sacrifice in the short term for a bigger reward later, is not a sacrifice. It’s an investment. So I have decided to sacrifice something and I have given myself a year and I will then move toward reaping the reward. Here we go!
  • Being still is okay. In fact, keeping still is important. It helps you to connect with your thoughts.
  • I have an incurable sweet tooth – try as I may to substitute the sweet things with healthy sweet things like dried fruit; the fact is that I love sweet things, like nougat. And I’ve decided that I’m okay with that.
  • The 5 year plan is overrated.
  • Love YOU. Only you can love yourself unconditionally and totally. If you have lots of love to give, give it to yourself first.
  • Sometimes you need to say ‘My time here is done. I have fulfilled my purpose HERE. I can do no more HERE.’ and then walk away gracefully.
  • You determine your value and if you aren’t getting your worth, that’s because you have allowed yourself to be on a discounted price.
  • Abundance starts with gratitude.

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