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I Choose to be Here

enjoy_life-1440x900I’ve had my fair share of adult experiences and learnt many valuable lessons on this journey called ‘life’. It’s been epic! Looking back at it all, there’s not one single thing that I would change. Even the really bad stuff has some good to it, when you look beyond the tears, the hurt and the anger.
Life is not black and white, because the people we invite or welcome into our lives have many colours and many shades of those colours.
My reality has been and continues to be a consequence of what I have chosen and continue to choose to accept and to tolerate. I celebrate and hold dear the awesome times, the love, the warmth, the happiness that I’ve been lucky enough to experience. To focus on the bad would be to negate all that came before and after the bad. And there has been a lot of good.
So, I choose to be here. I choose this reality. I live this reality.

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