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Grace and Kindness

Leanne ManasThis year, I had the opportunity to work on the inaugural South African Men Awards. The initiative is really great and the event is a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on men that are doing good things in their various spheres and communities.

I worked with Leanne Manas  best known as anchor of Morning Live on SABC 2 as the co-MC, and that was a great experience in being treated with grace and kindness.  As it sometimes happens with events, there was some lack of clarity on how her and I were to work together and execute the programme jointly. By the time this came to light, she had already started with the programme and was running with it. And then was I brought in backstage as the co-MC!  As an event MC that can create confusion and throw you off your groove; it can also impact the running of the event when you’ve already set the tone for the programme and set it in a certain direction.

People handle these situations in different ways but Leanne handled it and handled me with what could be viewed as professionalism but which for me actually went beyond that; she was graceful and incredibly kind. With no so much as a “What’s going on here?” Leanne sat down with me and we went through the programme and what would be the best way to handle the programme together. She even lent me her pen when I realised that I had not brought mine. She made it so easy to carry on with the work of the day, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s amazing to meet people who reinforce that kindness and grace are the way.

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