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Be Limitless

This year I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Ikhaya Lethu, which although it forms part of the content for Sithakela Isizwe has a completely different focus. This 30-minute long segment focuses specifically on building families and is really a show with lessons on how married people can enrich their union.

In 2011 I attended a colleague’s 25th wedding anniversary and that was the first time I heard Rev Hawu Mbatha speak. He spoke so positively about the institution of marriage and made marriage sound so doable that I always joke that listening to him on that evening made me also want to have an anniversary.

Rev Mbatha is now a contributor to Ikhaya Lethu and having the opportunity to work with him on the show has been a great learning experience for me; both in the context of what he shares with listeners on the show as well as the opportunity to sit down with someone with such a rich history with Ukhozi FM. Many years ago, Rev Mbatha joined Ukhozi FM as producer of religious programmes and went on to head up the station, moving on to head up the SABC at provincial level, at radio management level and ultimately as Group Chief Executive of the South African Broadcasting Corporation. With such a wealth of experience and wisdom, conversations with Rev Mbatha are full of moments of learning.

One of the learnings that I took from him was a lesson in being limitless. The ability to shift your boundary of achievement every day so that you can achieve more or achieve differently every day in various contexts. It’s very tempting to stay in your familiar space, doing what you know and repeating what you do well. Having that flexible outer boundary, taking the necessary shape and form in terms of learning and exposing yourself to new environments and scenarios on a regular basis is necessary for the achievement of great things within your space. And by greatness, I don’t necessarily mean things of great public acclaim, I mean things that make a difference, shift perspectives and expand possibilities for yourself and for those around you.

I fulfil many roles and do many things on any given day and although I’ve always had the view of doing more and doing it better, I’ve now also adopted the view of, as much as possible, doing something that is new for me in that particular space or doing things differently. Even if I run for 1 kilometre more than I ran last week, I have shifted my boundary. Trying a new recipe as opposed to my tried and trusted is a boundary shift. Hiking a new trail, starting a new project in a different space, adding different layers to content for Sithakela Isizwe and Ezingasoze Zabuna or relooking how content for the shows is packaged, that is boundary shifting. It might seem small but it changes how you ‘normally do things’ and isn’t it great to discover new possibilities, a new normal and a new ability.

So going forward I’m going to make a habit of looking at all that I do and before I start asking myself, ‘How can I shift my boundary in this?’

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