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Interview with Professor Otty Nxumalo

My job is amazing. I have the honour of sitting down with amazing people from all walks of life and learn life lessons from them. From legendary musicians, businessmen, political icons and achievers in various sectors;  I get to learn about how they have walked their journeys, how they have risen in their respective fields.

Some interviews are factual interviews, some interviews are just a hoot of laughter and some interviews leave me in awe. Often there are interviews that leave me pinching myself because it’s such amazing to have the opportunity to speak with and learn from people of that stature. That was how I felt when I recently had the opportunity to chat to Professor Otty Nxumalo, respected and legendary author.  I was actually so nervous because I was so excited to chat to someone who has contributed so much to isiZulu literature.

It was such a special interview for me and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to spend time with this legendary gentleman.

Interview with Professor Otty Nxumalo: Podcast

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