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Ogogo are People Too

One of the many wonderful things about my work is how much I get to experience with different people.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, way before we go into studio to actually broadcast the show.

Besides the research aspect of the preparation, some segments and inserts are pre recorded or sourced, edited and prepared for the show. Some of the content requires that we actually have to go out to various places to capture the content and at times participate in whatever story we are covering on the show.

I came across an article on Mam’Myeni’s project on her son’s Facebook page and immediately thought that this was something that we needed to share with our listeners. (Click here to read the article)
We will be chatting to Mam’Cwengi Myeni on the show soon; about her story and about her project that encourages grannies to get active.

So in preparation for that we spent two hours with oGogo from KwaNyuswa chatting to them and participating in their activities.
These are oGogo that are part a project driven and supported by Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust. The project coordinates Gogo support groups for these senior citizens to share their challenges, generate income through sewing and craft projects as well as keep themselves active by participating in team sporting activities.


One of the ladies reminded us of something so important; being 87 (yes there was an 87-year-old granny there and she plays soccer) doesn’t mean a Gogo should fade into nothingness or just be seen as the home caretaker or someone who looks after the grandchildren or great grandchildren.
It’s important to remember that rural grannies are also people with interests and hobbies. We need to treat them with respect and kindness but also uphold their humanity as well as their individuality.


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