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Sithakela Isizwe

I am a strong believer in the whole idea of ‘divine intervention’. I believe there is a plan for each and every one of us. I believe that what we view as chance encounters and coincidental interactions,  are all part of that plan.

My radio career has been about experiences and growth. I have had the opportunity to host, produce and co-host various shows on both Gagasi 99.5FM, the station I worked at until 2008, as well as on Ukhozi FM since joining the station that same year. It’s been an awesome journey; from graveyard to prime time, from working to behind the scenes to behind the mic, I have enjoyed every minute. I have learnt and grown so much through the experiences of working in the media, as well as working on the various shows that I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in.

It’s because of this that my focus is on the experience of doing each radio show and adding value to each show that I do, no matter what the time slot, versus focusing on going back to prime time. Having worked on the breakfast show as a co-host and a producer, I realise what a great opportunity that was and I appreciate  that experience. However, once I had learnt what I needed to learn from it, the universe’s plan was for me to move on from it. I have had exciting opportunities and worked on various shows that have taught me a lot of about radio as a medium.

I had grown comfortable on the weekend shows that I had been doing on Ukhozi FM for the last two years. However, as I say, there is your plan and then there is the gods’ plan.

Each show has its own personality and I have learnt different lessons from each of those experiences.I have enjoyed each show that I have either produced or presented, in a different way.

There is however, something about doing a talk show and using the powerful platform that radio is, to educate listeners. This goes back to when I first did a talk show, Selishonile, on Gagasi 99.5FM in 2006.

Very unexpectedly, my voice has found it’s way back to talk radio on Sithakela Isizwe, the talk show that I now host on Ukhozi FM from the Monday to Thursday, between 20:00pm and 23:00pm.
Sithakela Isizwe is a three hour long talk show exploring topics ranging from light discussions and interviews to really serious conversations around pertinent social issues.

One of the highlights of doing this show, so far, has been the opportunity to interview Ray Phiri. I grew up in his music and have a lot of respect for him as a musician. Interviewing him was one of my happiest moments on air.

Sithakela Isizwe is a baby still, only two months old. I look forward to learning the lessons that will come with doing the show and I hope to do justice to it and to the listeners who take their time to allow my voice into their hearts and homes every evening.

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